We left at nine and the clouds were hanging low and you could see rain already at the end of the valley. So off we went. 
A little bit in the way the Huber brothers (the two famous rock climbers from Austria) would do it. When they were asked in an interview what they do if the weather gets bad they just replied: “If the weather gets bad we just turn up the power!” But of course with an Austrian accent (If de wässer geds bäd wi jast dörn ab se bauer ?).
Progress was good since we were back on the trail again but we all could feel yesterday in our muscles. We made it to Locke Stream Hut just before the slope up to Harper’s Pass. What a steep climb!

We started at 300m and went up to 965m in a very steep slope! It was again so humid and warm that I was melting on the way up.  

Had a nice model posing for me on the way up though.

We were exhausted at the top and had our lunch break 200m apart from each other since we didn’t know where everybody was stopping.

This is probably the reason why one of the hikers got sick after drinking out of Harper’s River…

We went down the pass and could not await to arrive in the hut. Wet feet since two long days now. We hoped the rain wouldn’t hit us before we arrive…

We again trusted the SOBO and went in the riverbed instead of the trail which we should learn later to be a bad idea! Walking in dry riverbeds sucks! But I can tell that my feet are getting stronger and used to the trail runners. When I started using them solely I could my feet would hurt after a while – no surprise since the cushioning is very limited and you have to balance a lot more with your feet than in boots. But now it works fine. One kilometre before the hut we could feel the first drops. I was done and exhausted!

The hut was busy with three guys from DoC, Duncan, Tim and Jeff which we had a nice chat with and received some useful tips. Went to bed dead after two dinners. Again, have too much food for this speed ?