Today I was the last one to get ready but since it was supposed to be an easy and short stretch we were all relaxed. Moreover there were thousands of sandflies outside. Many of them between the inner tent and the fly just waiting for you to come out… I used the time in the morning to reply to many open messages since I had reception on the campground. The Coast to Coast race just went through the same valley we were about to go yesterday and therefore they also had put up mobile network pillars.While we packed we got eaten by the sandflies – even being covered in long cloth they went straight for your face, ears, neck and hands. I hate them. Got bitten at least 15 times this morning. ?

When we finally left at around 11h we followed the highway for a little longer before we turned right into the valley and followed the Mingha River.

The trail was very good, you can tell that this trail is used by more people and also day hikers. They even had little wooden bridges over the swampy parts!

 We took our time and Ben and I even had over an hour break at a little stream for an intensive chat.


See the guy?

Last day I do fight my eye infection. Tomorrow I will wear contacts again and say good bye to the blurry world ?

Eye infections suck! Putting drops in your eye to cure it even more!

I am also either losing weight or my pants are widening – I can’t walk more than 5 steps without my pants sliding down half way. And I am already wearing a size 46 (prop ally a 29in). I guess I do need more beer and beef in the next town!

The day ended relaxed in the hut with Skat and a lot of food.

We all have too much left and the foodbox will wait for us tomorrow in Arthur’s Pass. Going to go to bed early tonight since tomorrow we will tackle the Deception River. One of the most feared sections on the trail. The comments went from “The worst ever! Skip it!” to “Lovely and a sure must do!”. It is for sure a tricky one which can become quite dangerous in case the river has high water or you are surprised by rain. But conditions are very good at the moment since there was no rain in the last 10’days.

Heard my first Kiwi (bird) when we went to bed.