When I got up today at 6.30h and stepped outside a fresh wind hit me from the left and it was soaking wet. We were in the middle of the clouds and on top it was also raining. Not with me! So back to bed I went and hoped for better weather in an hour or so. Isaac left early as planned since he was only going back one hut and then leave the park where is car was parked. Chris and I checked the weather forecast: today mixed with heavy showers in the afternoon, Monday better and Tuesday heavy rain. Chris decided to turn around and leave. He was not so fast and there are a few river crossings which can be difficult after rain. So back the same way he just had come from two days ago. I was confident to make the stretch in two days and to be out before the rain would come. So finally at 10.30h I left the hut. And this is how it started:



It gradually got better and better…



…and then the next shower rolled in. So I was in an constant stop and go mode taking my rain gear on and off every twenty minutes. But it was not as bad as I expected it to be. And then the desert turned into the well known beech forest again.



I had lunch in the Mangaehuehu Hut and then went through a changing layout of beech forest and open plains. Also the weather seemed to be stable.


The last bit for today was a 3km uphill climb on a street before I descended again through the so called Cascades. Waterfalls coming from Mt. Ruapehu which according to DOC are rocks coated with a creamy-coloured silica deposit left behind by the fast flowing streams. Very cool looks!



Arrived early enough in the hut to enjoy the sunset and had the hut to myself tonight. Started a cosy fire again, placed the mattress right infront of the fireplace and did my pictures, blog and trail planning for the next days.