Another week has already passed by bringing me to my capacity limit. With 7h of Spanish class every day i have to admit I came to my maximum capacity this week. I learned too much new, with still too many holes in stuff which is a prerequisite for my current class level but which is still not fully back again that I just had a big “TILT” sign on my forehead on Tuesday after hour two.

Luckily after a good afternoon break in which I started organising my outdoor weekend – finally mountains again! – Wednesday was already better and I could sense that some parts of the puzzle finally start fitting together.

One nick bar fact: Did you know that Costa Rica does not have a military force? It’s the biggest country of the 25 in the world which doesn’t have a military force. Very new and interesting to me!

Que mas? Oh yes, and if it wasn’t enough already last week today we also had an earthquake again. I just came home from my shopping tour for the weekend and had a quick rest in bed when I sensed that the bed was moving left and right. And then I could also see the entire room moving. My host mom came in quickly afterwards to check on me and said – just another “temblor” (a small earthquake). The first one that I really felt so far in my life. Turned out that it wasn’t that far from San Jose and had a strength of 5.5. Doesn’t get boring over here…