Apparently I pulled one of my muscles in my leg yesterday – the Tibialis Antirior. I don’t know how and when but it was already painful yesterday. I hoped that it would solve itself during the night but it didn’t… So I am back on the Ibuprofen train hoping for quick healing (with 25+ mile days 🙊).

After 4 miles and a zillion of mosquitoes again we ran into Tim & Richard – The Aussies. They were better prepared in long pants, Deed and big nets. After a quick chat and us constantly slapping ourselves they gave us a spare bug net that they had – “Just take it, mate. It’s an extra one!” Aussies!!!! Jiehaaa. The Kiwis have the coolest neighbours 😉😉😂😂

Since I seemed to be more affected Kaylee have it to me. What can I say. It was an absolute game changer. Not having them flying into my nose, mouth and ears all day long was a relief. Having them around you almost every second of the day with no escape makes you go insane. It’s a constant intrusion of your personal space and you can’t just stop for a break. No you have to run to escape and even then they get you. But the bug net gave a bit of it back. This tiny little piece of mesh is probably worth more than 100$! Or more…

THANK YOU!!!!! Beer is waiting for you in Shelter Cove in the store at the counter!

With the pain in my muscle and the mosquitoes it was more a day of getting through it. We opted for an alternate route – the Oregon Skyline Trail – which runs parallel to the PCT but on lower elevation. Therefore no snow. That helped a lot to get through. The scenery. I can’t really tell. We were in the forest all day and it didn’t change much.


But I was also mainly concentrated on my leg. I even started listening to music – for the first time on the trail. First the soundtrack of “Any Given Sunday” a football movie and music which I listened to before a game when I played American Football myself. It helped to push me up. And after that – what else will make me run! Of course: AC/DC 🤘🏼

Arrived in Shelter Cove – a beautiful spot for hikers by the way – and decided to call it a day after 25 miles to rest my leg and cool it down with ice. Also the first shower since 7 days was to tempting. More hiking tomorrow.