The night was cold again and when we woke up the tent was soaked from condensation. Everything else as well. So we packed up and made our way down the last five miles to the Ranger Station and dirt road where the shuttle runs to Stehekin.

The ranger greated us warmly and also had the latest weather report on hand. 40-70% chance of rain for the next three days, 1 inch of snow above 5000ft per day and so on. 😝 Just wet and mostly miserable for the next days.

So the temptation to stay in town and get dry, dry our stuff and relax before the last stretch was big. But luckily our fate was decided for us by a crashed reservation system. So the only the place to stay didn’t know if they had rooms available until 5pm. So we decided to just get our food and right back on trail again.

We got lucky and had a few sunny moments between the clouds and rain and with that we managed to get everything dry.


The sleeping bags went into the dryer for 20 minutes and are almost like new now.

And then just a normal stay in town. Standing in line in the post office…

…and consuming calories.

That was all mine 😊

After only four hours we were back on the shuttle to the trail. 11 more miles today for our camp spot. We got some great views of the salmon migration:


And that was the last resupply stop. The last town. The last beer on trail. The last… Jep, it’s again this time. The last of everything now. The trail is coming to an end. Fast. Two and a half more days. What a journey. At this point of time I still kind of feel ready to get to Canada now. The weather forecast also doesn’t help to slow down. Let’s see how it feels like tomorrow. Or on the last day. But it feels like it will be different this time for me than after the Te Araroa in New Zealand. Not quite sure how, but different…