Definitely one of the highlights for adrenaline junkies in the area of La Paz. A downhill bike ride on the world’s most dangerous road – the Camino de la Muerte. It is an old gravel road which connects La Paz and Coroico. It is said that on an average 200-300 people died on this road until 1998 a newer and safer road was established.

The road is so narrow that sometimes only one car fits on the tracks. And the entire road is framed by massive drops and cliffs up to 500m which are prone to landslides.

Since the end of the 90’s thrill seeker ride down this road on mountain bikes. Considering that around 200-300 people do it every day and only 2 people per year have died on an average in the last then years – a fairly safe trip! 😎

I choose the company “Ride On Biking Bolivia” ( which turned out to be a very good pick. High safety standards, good briefings, proper organisation, top equipment – probably the best one on the market at the moment. Not much more to say to the trip – see yourself.

Starting in the snow on 4.700m all the way down in the jungle to 1200m.



The crew. Argentina, Brazil, Netherland, Australia & Germany.

The equipment. Suspension bikes, full face helmets and bad ass outfits 🤙


The first part is on the new tar sealed road. Easy ride.


The views in the valley are spectacular as well. And now in the rainy season all the waterfalls carry a lot of water.

And then the fun part started – the gravel route.


Here you can see how and why so many accidents happen. Just put a bit of rain and fog into the picture and it becomes a really scary ride…





One of the spectacular drops.


Bearded Bro’s. Sweet as! Maybe another year and I will catch up…

More waterfalls. Beautiful and dangerous. Carrying enough water to facilitate the slips.



Riders heaven!

Landslides and the danger of the road…


Definitely a highlight and a must do when you are here! And just finished on time before the rain hit…