What a day!? Of course as the very first thing we celebrated Martyn’s birthday. Since you don’t have a lot as a hiker and the most precious thing you do have is food we made him a little birthday cake. A Fiber One cinnamon breakfast bar with a handful of M&Ms on top stating his age (which of course we won’t talk about here – but he is very old… 😋).

We quickly ran into a group this morning which was loudly chatting and talking. Kaylee knew one in the group so she joined the conversation. After five minutes I had to stop. I just couldn’t take it longer. The noise and missing peace was not what I needed. I stopped in a blueberry field, ate a few handfuls and made sure I had enough distance before I started again. We are in the middle of a bubble and I have to admit I don’t like it. I have become so accustomed to the solitude in the last weeks that I have trouble enjoying this being surrounded by people all the time…

Well, the rest of the day turned out to be spectacular. First of all we went through a large play of clouds. Above, below and right around us. They were giving a great scenery. Everybody had been talking about Goat Rock Wilderness and how great it was. And yes. It is… 😍


We got out of the forest over Cispus Pass and were in the most beautiful mountain scenery. Breathtaking.

This is why I do this. View over all three Volcanos again.

The trail passed Old Snowy Mountain. Since Kaylee has never climbed a mountain so far and the PCT always comes close to them but then makes us take the passes instead of the peaks this was our chance. We rock scrambled up the last 300ft all the way to the top. CONGRATS!



In the back you can also see the wild fire which causes us trouble with the trail closure now.

We had reception and I had to find out that my camera had not arrived but been declined the delivery in our next stop. So after various tries I hope I managed to get a second delivery tomorrow and I will sit in front of the post office to make sure nobody declines anything anymore when I am there. The annoying part of this trip. There is always something to organise and fix and instead of just relaxing and enjoying you already have to take care of something…

More views on the way down and more ridge walking. Finally…!!!! 🤘🏼