I had the honour to be guest in Bastian Wilkat’s podcast “The Flaneur”. Bastian and I talked about how and why I quit my old life. How I prepared for the first big thru-hike and what all (at least a few of the many things) happened on trails. We talked about reaching goals and what it does to us and of course the post-trail life and being “back” home now.

If you want to know a bit more what happened to and around me during the last two years, that’s a good opportunity 😉 Here you can listen to the podcast “Der Flaneur”: E35: Florian Astor – 8000km in 2 Jahren: Was man auf Long-Hikes lernt und wie man sich darauf vorbereitet.

Sorry “internationals” – it’s a German podcast only…

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 20.48.11.png

As Bastian mentioned in his comments – before the new year fully hits you, organise yourself a big coffee or tea, lean back and enjoy 😊 Thank you Bastian for the great conversation and thanks for hosting me. Looking forward to our next session.

And now – enjoy!

If you want to follow or find out more about Bastian, “Der Flaneur” and his projects – here you go. And if you like to podcast, leave him a review on his page. Thanks.