The last big day in the Corcovado was dedicated to diving again. We again went out to the Isla del Caño – first dive at the shipwreck and second at devils pinnacle again. The visibility was even better this time and we again saw huge schools of fish of all sorts. A lot of sharks, trevallies and jacks again. And right before got out of the water a turtle came to say good bye. I never swam in big schools like this before. Even having a few hundred of jacks around you, not even half a meter away from your goggles.






And of course a lot of sharks again.



Where there are a lot of fish there are also a lot of hunters… And might it only be a hairy guy hunting for pictures…





And the farewell greeting from these amazing waters. A great spot for divers and a must do in Costa Rica in my opinion!

The rest of my stay I spent with a nice hike to one of the secluded beaches, practising Spanish which really progresses every day. I am glad I invested these three weeks now and it turned out to be just sufficient to kick off the learning curve.

I also spent quite some time to catch this guy who also lives “in” the hostel.



After one more night in San José with my host family and a night out with my school mates I left Costa Rica. My host mom got up at 4am to say good bye.

Thank you Costa Rica for a wonderful time! Great mixture of intensive Spanish course and great outdoor activity. Muchas gracias Ana para tu hospitalidad!
Costa Rica – Pura Vida!!!!

Next stop: Panama.