Creux du Van

2018: Creux du Van, Switzerland


Easter adventure and PCT preparation camp for the Swiss-PCT-team of 2018. Snow line at around 1.000masl and we hiked above 1.300masl most of the time in knee deep snow. First attempt to climb a narrow gorge had to be aborted due to massive ice and avalanche left-overs on the trail... But Creux du Van was worth the effort. We camped close to the rim and had a fantastic sunset and sunrise at around -6C. #ilovemountains #havetomovetoswitzerland

hike2happiness @Frühstückssalon

What a morning… 😳 Started for me at 5.45am - I think the last time I got up that early I was still on the trail. But it was so worth it.

I had the honour to talk about my journey of the last two years and to share some of my amazing encounters, happenings and learnings.

Thank you everyone for getting up sooooo early to join me in Jules Frühstückssalon in the heimathafen in Wiesbaden. Thanks for listening, asking many questions and sharing the story. Great to see some well know faces but also to meet many people for the first time. A few impressions from






Ingo, one of the very active followers from the blog (he read every single of the over 370 blog posts from the last two years…😳) even took a 100km drive this morning to join the session together withs his son Henri. Really great to meet people like you who have been on board for so long already! Thanks guys & happy trails 🤘

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to share the story - what a fantastic morning. Happy weekend & Do What Make Good.