Creux du Van

2018: Creux du Van, Switzerland


Easter adventure and PCT preparation camp for the Swiss-PCT-team of 2018. Snow line at around 1.000masl and we hiked above 1.300masl most of the time in knee deep snow. First attempt to climb a narrow gorge had to be aborted due to massive ice and avalanche left-overs on the trail... But Creux du Van was worth the effort. We camped close to the rim and had a fantastic sunset and sunrise at around -6C. #ilovemountains #havetomovetoswitzerland

100.000 visitors on Do What Make Good!

Unbelievable…?! Since the relaunch and new branding Do What Make Good has reached 100.000 visitors this week. This is crazy guys…!

Looking back to 2014 this I started this blog under to keep my folks and friends informed about the progress of my hike. The page was delisted from search engines and only the people who new the address where able to find it.

If I go back to the first articles from 2016 I really have to smile. It reads like professional minutes from a business meeting. “Today I started hiking at 7am and walked 34km. This is 1% of the total distance…” 😂. I never had good grades in German and when we had to write an essay which was scheduled for 4h I was usually done after 1h with a maximum of one page where others wrote 20. Writing was not my thing.

At then end of my hike in New Zealand I suddenly received messages from people I didn’t know who told me that they had followed my entire journey. I was shocked! They were reading my private notes. It took me a few weeks to make my peace with it and to realise what a chance this actually was. I was able to inspire people, make them think and give back from the amazing experiences I went through only by writing it down and sharing it.

And now? In November 2016 I sat down for a few days and re-desinged the blog and it received it’s new name “Do What Make Good” and branding from my good friend Arno. Within the last 14 month more than 100.000 visitors have visited the site.

Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and giving me feedback. It’s an important part and it keeps me writing.

Share your thoughts! Let me know what you want to hear in the future. Or what not?

Thanks. Sweet as, bro. Happy trails 🤘

2 years of travel in 1 minute and 49 seconds.

Many of you have followed the last 2 years of my journey. Many of you have read a lot of what I have written - by now 360 articles! That’s a lot of reading. That’s also a lot of fun facts I just stumbled across preparing for a little speech which surprised me myself. 2 years in a few numbers:

  • Visited 17 countries
  • Crossed 37 borders
  • Took 54 flights
  • Destroyed 7 pairs of Salomon Speedcross shoes
  • Walked over 8.500km
  • Slept over 200 nights in a tent
  • Ate over 30kg tuna
  • Broke 2 iPhones
Exchanged my backpack 4 times
  • Changed my telephone number 8 times
Highest point reached: 6.088m
  • Southern most point: 64°88'S / 63°25'W

But since pictures say more than words… I have kept this one to myself for a while now . But I think it’s worth sharing. For myself it’s probably even a stronger and more intense memory since I have a story, a day, a happening and many pictures and feelings in my mind with every of these pictures.

But for the ones who followed you will as well discover a few pictures which will remind you on the one or other story you have read. One picture of each day of the two year journey. Enjoy!

Sweet as, brew! Let me know when there's new stuff online!


I am Florian, a born and raised German in his mid 30’s. After finishing high school I joined a fantastic trainee program acquiring my degree in Business Management and after that started a classical career in an international corporate dedicating myself to a classical and hierarchy focused career. End of 2015 I decided to quit my “old” life in the corporate world with a well paid job, a nice place which I called home, all the amenities of what we generally call a good and fulfilled life.
Why? I can’t really tell you exactly why. First it was mainly just about taking a break and enjoy life for a while before starting a new job. Since I wanted to be free to really enjoy, emerge and be open for whatever would happen along the way I cut all the safety ropes, quit my job, declined the offer of an sabbatical, got rid off (almost) all my stuff, packed a backpack and left home to explore what else was out there.
The journey began in New Zealand. I hiked the 3.008km long Te Araroa Trail – The Long Pathway – from the southern to the northernmost point of the country. What started out as a physical and outdoor challenge quickly developed into a life changing experience which disrupted my life more than I would have ever expected. Next to an amazing hike it also started a strong process of self reflection and inspiration. It led me to a state of mind which I had never experienced before: true happiness and inner peace with myself.
But when I arrived at Cape Reinga I also had the feeling that I was not done yet. So I continued only led by impulses and curiosity instead of plans. I explored the art of brewing coffee, went up high into the air, lost myself in the spiritual world, went far south to islands of infinite ice and a lot more walking. All of the above nourished me with amazing impressions and inspiration which was the fuel to further explore myself.
What started out as a year-long break has just developed into a journey with open end and open destination.
See more in this interview with Lapaloma TimesScreen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.46.23.png


You got to do what you think is best for you! A few years ago I climbed Aconcagua and shared my tent for almost three weeks with Matt. Whenever I asked him for advise like “Hey Matt, should I wear the thick head or the thin one?” he would look at me and only reply: “You know what, you got to do what is best for you!”. What started out as a running joke slowly but surely became a life motto and a guidance for many decisions. I used it everywhere, even in the office life and even made it into my bosses farewell notice when I left my old life. “Why would he go when he has a heated office, free coffee she asked? Well, I guess you got to do what you think is best for you!” were her last word.
Do What Make Good! But happened to this perfect and grammatically correct sentense? It happened in one of the many huts on the South Island in New Zealand. The discussion circled around life which is no surprise since you have time to reflect and focus on the really important things on a long distance hike. No matter how you twist and bend it – at the end we all have the choice to make decisions and to decide which turn we take. It’s up to us to figure out what is best for us and then also to do it. It happened that also a Korean (name unknown) hiker was in the hut this evening with a limited English vocabulary. He was very engaged in the discussion as well and wanted to express that he strongly felt the same thing – in his words he said: “Do What Make Good!”. It might not grammatically be perfect but it came from deep insight and just nailed it.
The story behind the Do What Make Good logo. fullsizeoutput_307cThe Do What Make Good logo combines a few aspects. The logo reduces “Do What Make Good” to the D and G. The inner part of the D & G is a Koru – the unfurling fern. The Koru in the Maori culture is a very strong symbol and stands for new life, growth, change and strength. It is a perfect symbol for what this change in my life, the trail and New Zealand has done to and for me so far. The Koru also accompanies me for the rest of my life as a reminder of this (My Koru).

Therefore the Koru became an integral part of the new logo. The inside of the D and G are symbolised Korus – very similar to my own one. A big Thank You to Arno Schurmans (, for converting my ideas into this beautiful artwork! Amazing job!