Haute Route - Chamonix to Zermatt

2021: Haute Route - Chamonix to Zermatt


In 2021 I hiked the famous Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt. It's a beautiful 220km hike over some spectacular passes of the Swiss Alps.
I again decided to hike with my tent and spend the nights outdoors. The right decision even though it was pretty cold for this time of the year - I realised when I woke up to a frozen sleeping bag. A very mystical encounter with some ibex in the National Park and many, many beautiful mountains 😍

HRP - Pyrenean Haute Route

2019: HRP - Pyreneen Haute Route / La Ruta Alta Pirenaica


In July and August I finally made it back into the mountains again for a longer trip. From the Atlantic Ocean over the highest passes and peaks of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea - 840km and 100.000 meters in elevation change. Took me 23 days to hike from Hendaye to Banyuls-sur-Mer. No rest day, 12-14h of hiking every day and short nights in my tent.


2018: Karwendel Höhenwanderweg, Austria


Our start-up crew decided to go for a digital-detox-weekend into the mountains. What was planned as a first hiking trip for two of the three ended in a spectacular journey. Thunderstorms, clouds, a bit of sunshine, wrong turns which led us into severe climbing terrain and an unplanned night hike. Stunning scenery! Karwendel - we will be back!


2018: Rheinsteig


A weekend escape in the backyard. The famous Rheinsteig starts in front of my door in Wiesbaden and stretches all the way to Koblenz. We made it in to St. Goarshausen shortly after the Loreley in two days. Beautiful views and a lot of up and down. Highlight of the trip - getting scared like sh*t by roaring deer in the middle of the night right next to our tent.

Tour De Mont Blanc

2018: Tour De Mont Blanc (TMB).

160km+ and roughly 25.000m of elevation change. My first return to the mountains after the big hiking season. And besides stunning nature, long and epic 4 days in the mountains also a reunion with my favourite hiking parter - crushing miles hiking with Smiles...

Creux du Van

2018: Creux du Van, Switzerland


Easter adventure and PCT preparation camp for the Swiss-PCT-team of 2018. Snow line at around 1.000masl and we hiked above 1.300masl most of the time in knee deep snow. First attempt to climb a narrow gorge had to be aborted due to massive ice and avalanche left-overs on the trail... But Creux du Van was worth the effort. We camped close to the rim and had a fantastic sunset and sunrise at around -6C. #ilovemountains #havetomovetoswitzerland

Walensee Switzerland - an escape into winder-wonderland…

A few impressions from my last escape into the mountains. And whoever says it’s not worth it to take the train for 7h to go there - even for a day only - just have a look at these pictures.

And another thing that is so crystal clear now. I will have to move into the mountains at some point of time. 7h is ok but it’s better to be as close as possible.

Probably some of my best photos so far. You can find the entire set of pictures here: Photo Gallery
Thanks again to the famous Dietmar for his inspiration.


Walensee, Switzerland

2018: Walensee, Switzerland


A snow shoe escape from the city and an excellent photo safari.


2017: Bolivia


The amazing salt flats "Salar de Uyuni", a spectacular climb on the 6,088m high Huayana Potosi close to La Paz, wildlife from the Amazon basin and more from South America.