Do What Make Good - Der Anfang von 8500 km Glück

My first book is out!

A dreams has come true. After two years with many night shifts, research, sorting of photos, writing, re-writing, proofreading it has finally arrived. Since I had returned from the long journey I always had wanted to bring the stories into a special format.

And what can I say - it has been an amazing journey itself to write this book. Not that it was a lot of fun and that holding it in my hands now is such an overwhelming felling. No, the greatest part of it all was that I lived the story a second time and sometimes even more intense than the first time. If you want to write something down on paper you really have to think about it. Only if you know for yourself how it felt, what it did to you and why you did or didn't do certain things - only then you can write them down. So I had to think about a lot of things again and very often I felt like being on the Trail again...

So I already had my fun. Writing it was the greatest pleasure and an emotional journey for me. So up to hear it was worth every minute which I put into it.

If you are interested yourself I am more than happy to share it with you. Enjoy reading and keep on #dowhatmakegood!

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