Creux du Van

2018: Creux du Van, Switzerland


Easter adventure and PCT preparation camp for the Swiss-PCT-team of 2018. Snow line at around 1.000masl and we hiked above 1.300masl most of the time in knee deep snow. First attempt to climb a narrow gorge had to be aborted due to massive ice and avalanche left-overs on the trail... But Creux du Van was worth the effort. We camped close to the rim and had a fantastic sunset and sunrise at around -6C. #ilovemountains #havetomovetoswitzerland

Walensee Switzerland - an escape into winder-wonderland…

A few impressions from my last escape into the mountains. And whoever says it’s not worth it to take the train for 7h to go there - even for a day only - just have a look at these pictures.

And another thing that is so crystal clear now. I will have to move into the mountains at some point of time. 7h is ok but it’s better to be as close as possible.

Probably some of my best photos so far. You can find the entire set of pictures here: Photo Gallery
Thanks again to the famous Dietmar for his inspiration.









Walensee, Switzerland

2018: Walensee, Switzerland


A snow shoe escape from the city and an excellent photo safari.


2017: Bolivia


The amazing salt flats "Salar de Uyuni", a spectacular climb on the 6,088m high Huayana Potosi close to La Paz, wildlife from the Amazon basin and more from South America.


2017: Chile


The outskirts of the Atacama Desert.


2017: Colombia


An amazing trip into the park of Los Nevados - a up to 5,000m high volcanic area most of the time covered in clouds which are the base for this unique scenery.

Cost Rica

2017: Costa Rica


From mountains, animals, bio-diversity and underwater adventures.


2017: Panama


Panama City. Love the vibe of this city, especially Casco Viejo - great combo of hip, coffee, beautiful and old & rusty. Must go is the fish market!


2017: Hawaii


The beautiful islands of Hawaii from above, on ground and below surface...