Last year in June on the AC/DC concert we met this fantastic guy from San Francisco: Steve! We have talked about the reunion for a long time.

But now it finally happened. A long weekend of fun and activities… Starting out with a nice city tour and a big night out with the boys the reunion started.



Next morning and stop: Starbucks and UBC golf course. Not the best round of golf in our life but considering the amount of beers involved the night before I would say – still good as gold!



Followed by the BC Lions football game which we saw life. Thanks Steve for the invitation! Couldn’t fit more into this day…




Next morning: Fury Creek Golf Course. A challenging mountain golf course and two tired warriors on the course. Let’s call it a “character-building” round of golf. Too bad it is only seasonal and therefore also my last round on this course in this year…



Thanks Steve for coming over and making it possible! Next stop San Francisco!

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